As homeowners or business owners, we are more security conscious nowadays, and it seems to be a trend that we want to protect our properties, family and employees from outside influences. In our homes, for example, sometimes we are continually arguing with the neighbours about where their property line ends and ours begins. If we have pets or small children, we obviously want to keep them inside the property where they will be much safer and where we can keep an eye on them. We immediately think of erecting a wall, but sometimes a stone wall can be a real eyesore and it doesn’t blend in with its background. You may also need to get planning permission to erect such a thing.

Other Alternatives.

There are, however, other alternatives that are much more natural and look a hell of a lot better. Homeowners now, are turning to nature to help us out with this conundrum and landscape gardeners are coming up with some very unique ideas. Most of the time, they are more cost-effective than traditional methods and a lot of the time, you can do the job yourself. This helps to save a great deal of money having to pay someone else and in some cases, can amount to thousands of dollars. The following are just some of the alternative ideas for marking out your property and creating a barrier that keeps unwanted guests out, and your family members in.

  • A Bamboo Fence – This excellent idea allows you to incorporate nature into your garden and provide a very natural way to close your garden and your home. Bamboo is exceptionally strong and very durable, but it is easy to cut back, shape and maintain, and it is much cheaper than having to build a wall. It doesn’t take a lot to take care of a bamboo fence and it only needs a little bit of water to thrive.
  • A Wooden Fence – Another great alternative is to put up a wooden fence. Wood is in plentiful supply and a lot of the time, you can use recycled wood that has been used previously for something else. It gives your boundary a totally natural feel and a wood fence can blend in with almost anything. It is incredibly affordable and once you prime and protect the wood, it will protect it from the elements and will last you for many, many years.
  • Trees and shrubs – Planting some trees or shrubs around the border of your property may not be effective at keeping people out and pets in initially, but as you water them and prune them, they will grow quite tall and quite thick in a short amount of time. You can decide on the height and width that you require and then cut them back from that point onwards. Once again, this is work that you can do yourself.

There are many natural alternatives to create a boundary between you and the people outside that are much more affordable than you may think. The above are just three of the most popular ones, but there are a lot more out there to learn about.