The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home — it’s a place where food is made with love and people are brought together for celebrations and hard times alike over a home cooked meal. As such, your kitchen should be an inspiring place. If your kitchen is in need of a facelift, here are a few great themes to consider during the revamping process.

French Country

One of the most timeless themes, a French country-style kitchen is all about classical architecture and neutral colors with bold accents throughout the space. Think cream colored cabinetry, rustic wooden countertops and black and white tiled floors. French kitchen furniture usually features delicate wooden accents and trims, and windows tend to be tall and multi-paned with beautifully draped curtains. The look is elegant and refined, but also rustic and homey. French country kitchens tend to shine the most when they’re filled with pieces of the past: your favorite wooden spoons that you’ve had for years, the old cookie jar passed down by your grandmother and your trusty wooden cutting board all serve to fill the room with character and truly bring the theme to life.


A minimalist kitchen thrives on simplicity. Less really is more — solid color schemes (usually in shades of white, gray and black), clean lines and ultra-smooth surfaces are the way to go when you’re after this aesthetic. Minimalism is often tied to more modern styles, so your brand new state-of-the-art appliances will be right at home in this chic setting. A minimalist theme typically forgoes texture and patterns in favor of metals like stainless steel or copper, which gives the space a very elevated feel. Above all, this theme is quite sparse on decorations and accents.


The cafe and bistro-style kitchen takes note from both country chic and ultramodern styles to create something unique and cozy. You’ll often find a blend of solid colors and simple patterns with bold accents, and this kitchen often features a counter bar or other dine-in feature. This style is meant to remind you of your favorite corner cafe, so large windows and natural light are a must. One extremely popular accessory for cafe/bistro kitchens is the use of chalkboard signs for labels and decoration alike, as it adds a splash of charm to the scene.

There are countless combinations of color, pattern, furniture and style for you to build your dream kitchen. While these themes can serve as inspiration, don’t be afraid to experiment!