Designing the perfect kitchen can be a bit challenging, but once you hit your mark, it becomes one of the best places to be. To make the most of the room at the heart of your home, consider employing these tips to turn into the perfect culinary paradise.

1. Make a Prep Cart

Perhaps the most valuable asset you can add to your kitchen is a prep cart. A kitchen island or counter-height table with casters and wheels will do the trick, but you might also be able to make use of a bar cart or other wheeled cart. This cart will be your secret weapon when it comes to kitchen prep. Use it as a mobile surface to bring your prep work right up to where you need it, wheel it into the dining room for a portable buffet or pull up a couple of chairs for an intimate dining space.

2. Buy Bulk Bins

Bulk bins are virtually guaranteed to take your kitchen game up a notch. Instead of having open bags of beans, rice, sugar and flour stashed in your pantry (and asking for an insect infestation), give them a permanent home by choosing some classy matching bins. Look for something with a good seal, large capacity and wide opening for easy retrieval of ingredients.

3. Curate Your Storage

Make the most of your space (and make cooking that much easier) by choosing appropriate storage solutions for your kitchen. Consider re-vamping the pantry, making a spice rack, adding some shelves or hooks to cabinet interiors or tucking some storage bins into the fridge. Then, be sure to re-evaluate your storage solutions regularly, or even consider storing seasonal items (such as holiday baking equipment) somewhere else to save precious kitchen cabinet real estate.