From expansive patio doors to sleek sliding doors in bathrooms, there are numerous ways to style French doors. Learn more about how Illinois homeowners are using them to personalize their homes.

The classic French design we now see today, characterized by its glass panes extending from top to bottom, made its first appearance in windows. This style was then incorporated into entry doors. What followed was a range of possibilities and the unique ways in which French-

styled doors were being used around homes. They became a statement feature in industrial and contemporary houses, installed by people for a variety of purposes. Here a few innovative ways people are using iron French doors to take their homes from bland to breathtaking.

1.   InswingandBi-FoldPatioDoors

Many homeowners who have a patio or backyard are using French-styled iron doors to take full advantage of the gorgeous view. Exquisite French doors with top transoms and sidelights are a popular option. Their glass panes provide an excellent view of the lush greens and allow you to bask in the sunlight. Another great choice is the bi-fold door that perfectly complements a large patio or backyard pool. Open them up, and they become the ideal access point for guests at a pool party or backyard BBQ.

2.   Versatile RoomDivider

Instead of traditional room dividers, homeowners are using classic French doors as partitions. Sectioning areas in a room and dividing them by fitting interior metal doors with glass is a great way to effectively utilize your space. Not to mention they look extremely elegant. You can keep them closed on regular days and open them up when you need to accommodate more people.

3.   Parisian-styleBalcony

Parisian architectureis much-loved and widely appreciated by homeowners. In particular, Parisian balconies with their ornamented railings, arched doors, and floral displays, are very popular. In a move to replicate that look, French doors are being used by people in Illinois for their balconies. These wrought iron doors, embellished with intricate and elaborative designs, curved top, and glass panes that come in assorted shapes, reminding you of classic Parisian homes that stun onlookers as they walk by.

4.   Industrial StyleSpaces

We all have personal spaces in our home, and some of the most common onesincludeyour home office and study. Instead of isolating these places, some homeowners have adopted a unique approach. Using a black metal office door, they are able to maintain their privacy while giving a smart, industrial look. Moreover, these glass doors act as the perfect extension to your room without making the space seem small. Pair them up with some cream curtains, and you’ve just made your very ownprivate niche.

5.   FrostedFrenchDoorsforBathrooms

Like the rest of your home, bathroom décor is a great way to express yourself and contributes to your overall aesthetic. Frosted French doors are a fresh concept that is slowly making its way to the bathroom. They’re perfect for giving you the privacy you need while making the bathroom look more stylish than ever. If you want to take it up a notch, then have them installed in your shower area.

6.   ExpansiveDoorsforDiningRooms

Dining rooms are another area where French doors are being used to give the house a slight edge. I love the idea ofa wide set of French doors installed inside the home that opens to reveal the dining area—if this room is connected to a garden, then even better! Homeowners can use glass iron doorsto replace the walls. It’s quite a hit with the guests, and you get a fantastic view. Comfort levels are at an all-time high, too, as this style maximizes sunlight and airflow in your room.

7.   Classy Walk-InClosets

French doors are not just for the exterior. You can even use them as the grand entrance to your walk-in closet. Show off your gorgeous apparel and accessories by installing interior steel doorswith glass. They are perfect for tight spaces and make your room look unique and classy. If you’re a fan of vintage,opt for a full arched iron door or get metal sliding doors if you want to give off a modernvibe.


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