There’s a great joy to be found in garden spaces and they add significant value to a home because of it, offering residents a natural space within which to unwind or entertain. To enjoy this comfort, however, residents must ensure they maintain the garden, competing against weather and weeds to cultivate a pleasant space.

In addition to preserving a garden’s presentability, regular maintenance will also keep an outdoor space safe. This is important for little ones and pets especially, those who might find themselves exploring every corner of the plot. To ensure their safety, as well as your garden’s own aesthetic identity, we’re sharing eight ways to keep your garden well-maintained.


Remove Problematic Plants


Knowing your garden plants is an important part of owning a home as there are a number that can cause potential problems. Some so-called weeds are renowned for their ability to throttle other plants and hinder crops, while others can be poisonous or even skin irritants. Be sure to keep an eye on what’s growing so that you can spot those that shouldn’t be there!

Drain Well


Regular rainfall in the UK can cause gardens and drains to flood. If drainage routes aren’t kept clean, water can pool and cause a number of issues for homeowners, even leading to waterlogging and mould.

Choose An Outbuilding


Alongside the ever-present garden shed, there are a number of outbuilding options that can improve outdoor spaces both aesthetically and practically. Summer houses are making a fashionable return as residents seek to create wellness spaces in their gardens, those that can be utilised all year round. Other structures, such as cabins, can become home to a range of garden activities, such as dining and cooking.

Secure And Cover


A significant part of a garden’s deterioration is due to weather conditions. If a resident takes measures to ensure the impact of rainfall and wind is minimised, their garden will remain in good condition. This can be done artificially, with fences and coverings, as well as naturally, with hedges and trees – though these do require upkeep of their own!

Trimming And Pruning


Speaking of such upkeep, it is paramount that any hedges and trees contained within a garden space, as well as those encroaching from beyond a property line, are kept pruned and trimmed. If this isn’t considered ahead of time, it can be even more troublesome to tend to them at a later date.


Mowing A Lawn


Standard practice for many and an important job within garden care. Not only should lawns be mown for aesthetic purposes but a tidy patch of grass also ensures a safe play area for little ones too.


Water Systems


Whether you are happy to get the hose out or have sprinklers installed for ease, gardens will inevitably require watering to ensure they remain healthy, especially during summer periods. As the UK continues to become familiar with hosepipe restrictions, however, it becomes more worthwhile to invest in water collection equipment.

Add Some Pressure


Gardens will, no matter how much maintenance is embraced, become dirtied over time. A good scrub here and there will help but it is best to bring out the pressure washer at least once a year and especially after winter!