Having just moved into your new home, you are able to think about adding your own style and personal touch to it. It’s in a bit of a state and will need plenty of work to get it into the condition you desire but that also offers plenty of scope.

There are obvious essentials such as making sure the plumbing and wiring is all up to scratch followed by upgrading the bathroom and kitchen so you can move in and then gradually decorate and fit the rest of the home. You have decided to add something special to the front and back door along with the bathroom by fitting them with stained glass windows.

All about stained glass

The history of stained glass goes back all the way to the times of ancient Rome as pieces of coloured glass would be placed in patterned window frames. They became more popular when they were created for the great cathedrals of the times between 1150 and 1500.

Theophilus, a twelfth-century German monk and artist and metalworker revealed much about stained glass as he wrote a book called On Diverse Arts after studying the art. Over the centuries technology and techniques have advanced meaning ordinary households can now afford the glass rather than organisations like churches.

What are the benefits of stained glass?

The windows are extremely attractive, distinctive, and interesting and brighten up any space or room, both inside and out. They emit stunning light patterns, offering an array of colours, elegant scenery as they can depict many things.

The space between the dual pains can provide extra insulation for the home, which will make savings on energy bills. This, along with the unique design adds value to the home and will attract buyers should you ever decide to move on.

Because of the colours being used, the windows are more difficult to see through which offers privacy to a room meaning that there is no necessity for curtains. They also offer a versatility with so many different patterns being available that can set the tone and atmosphere of the room they are fitted in. When choosing a quality team to install your glass you are guaranteed a high-quality finish and repair service.

To conclude

Fitting stained glass windows will add appeal, value, and uniqueness to a home. They make a great conversation piece and can also save you money on your bills.