Being healthy involves many aspects of your life such as nutrition, physical activity and stress management. Your environment can also have a huge effect on your health. Here are six things you can do to your home to improve your well-being.

Garden Inside

Indoor plants are good for you. They are especially useful if you grow small vegetables and colorful flowers. Planter windows make it easy to start an herb garden. Place one directly over your kitchen sink so your mint, rosemary and basil can get the benefit of extra humidity. Proximity to the sink makes watering easy and convenient.

Add Light to Your Life

Spending time in a bright environment can make you feel cheerful. Daylight is best, so install large picture windows, especially if they provide a scenic view. If you have no view to speak of, skylights or solar tunnels are a good source of soft, diffuse sunlight.

Color Your World

Color can affect your emotions, setting the mood and tone of a room. The psychology of color is an inexact science; simply go with favorites and follow a few guidelines about combining hues. Contrasting colors tend to energize, but when overdone they can increase anxiety. Monochromatic schemes may be soothing and relaxing. However, they can be perceived as dull, so liven up monotone rooms with pops of color.

Clean Up

Dust and toxins can cause symptoms that mimic illness or allergies. Vacuum often, and make sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter that is in good shape. Clean the bag or empty the compartment each time to maximize the machine’s performance and prevent dust from re-entering the air. Vacuuming is even more important if you have indoor pets.

Go Natural

While it is essential to keep the house clean, it is also crucial to keep hazardous chemicals out. Certain cleaning products may be harmful to your lungs, increasing your risk of developing asthma. You may find water and microfiber cloths as effective as a cleaning solution. When cleaning products are necessary, choose natural items such as vinegar or baking soda. Avoid bottles that contain warnings or cautionary statements.

Smell Good

Your olfactory sense is directly connected to the part of your brain in charge of emotional response. Encourage positivity through fragrance. Scented candles are effective ways to disperse aromas, but they can also put soot into the air. Essential oil diffusers can be an attractive addition to a room’s décor while encouraging a calm and pleasant mood.