3 Warnings for Buying an Older Home

If a home built in the 1970s is on the market today then you can bet it was built to last. The charm and craftsmanship of an older home are difficult to duplicate in new construction. Antique homes tell a story. If you are looking to continue that story and […]

Choosing the Right Material for Your Deck

Adding a deck to your home will raise its curb appeal, and provide you with an outdoor sanctuary to spend quality time with your family. Deciding on the aesthetics of a new deck can be the hardest part. There are a variety of decking components to choose from. Here are 5 different […]

Factors Influencing Air Conditioning Cost

When it comes to commercial utility bills, they can vary widely. Like any other small business, it is important to take steps to try to minimize overhead expenses. As a result, many small-business owners are trying to find ways to reduce their utility costs. When it comes to commercial air conditioning […]