Heritage architecture is a type of architecture where those buildings and structures that are historically important or have cultural significance are renovated or refurbished in a way that maintains the integrity of the original structure, the materials that are used within the building work and the methods of construction that are used in any future work. There is an importance to heritage properties being maintained and that we look after our history and culture in this country. It might sometimes look restrictive on the face of it, but it is important to maintain the standards that were set when these important buildings were first constructed. With the help of heritage Architects, these beautiful buildings can be restored in the correct manner and remain aesthetically pleasing within a modern framework of function.

There are around 400,000 heritage buildings and assets in England alone, with a huge proportion of these listed buildings or structures and buildings that are classed as culturally significant. This heritage sector plays an important part in both the property market in this country, but in some cases also in the way tourism attracts people to the country and to the economy when you consider how many people are employed within the heritage sector.

Looking at the restoration of heritage properties and the links to tourism alone, there is good reason to work with specialist heritage Architects when renovating heritage properties. It is vital that these properties are protected from demolition and that they remain as much like they were originally designed as is possible. Significant redesign by an Architect should never be countenanced as this damages the whole concept of a heritage property and is against the regulations of listed properties.

If a heritage property has been purchased and after evaluation of the property and surrounding land there is a requirement for extensive maintenance, repair and refurbishment, there is a process that needs to be fulfilled to address the issues of integrity and the concerns of the guidelines for listed and heritage properties. It isn’t just the case that a new owner can come in and start from scratch or make wholesale changes to the property. Instead, heritage Architects can consult on the best way to refurbish without damaging the original intent of the structure and to advise on the materials and methods that must be used in various aspects of the renovation process.

If you own a heritage property and are looking at ways to restore it to its former glories, it is vital that you have an understanding of the materials and methods used within its construction originally. For listed buildings, there are specific guidelines that must be adhered to and this is where it is important for a specialist heritage Architect to be hired and to consult on the plans for any future restoration of the building. This will help you maintain the integrity of the property, down to the finest details, the finishing touches of each room, the materials that should be used (or to mimic the original if no longer available) and to look and feel as it once did within the framework of modern construction work.