Running a business and keeping it afloat nowadays is not easy because the amount of competition that is out there trying to steal your customer right from under you. Customers will help to a point, but when you start letting them down on a regular basis then they will take their business elsewhere. People don’t want to hear excuses when you are building a house or constructing a road for them and so if the machinery that you use is breaking down on a regular basis because it’s old because or that it is not properly maintained, then the buck stops with you.

Purchasing the machinery in the first place was your first big mistake because machine rental (known as เช่าเครื่องจักร in Thai) is the way to go because of the many benefits and advantages that it offers. You don’t want to be spending a great deal of money on one individual item that you’re only going to use occasionally and so it makes perfect sense to spend your money renting numerous pieces of equipment that are not going to let you down every time that you use them. If you’re still a little on the fence when it comes to renting machinery rather than buying it then maybe the following benefits of doing so can help you to make a smarter business decision.

  1. It saves money – One great example to use here is when you purchase an excavator for example and then you have to pay someone to train your employees how to use it. Then there is the ongoing maintenance of the machine itself and you need to buy and supply any parts that it needs if they break down. These are just continuous headaches that can all be avoided if you had just have rented in the first place because then the rental company takes care of all of these things and more.
  2. No long-term commitments – If you still decide to go ahead and buy a particularly expensive piece of plant and machinery, then you are committing yourself to the payment of this machine over the foreseeable future and so it needs to be paying for itself almost every day of the week. There is no such long-term commitment when you rent your machine for the day or longer and all of your capital is not tied up in something that just sits there for most of the working year.

It doesn’t make any financial sense to put out a great deal of outlay on pieces of machinery that you have to maintain yourself and that are continually depreciating.