You are moving into your new apartment but you want to know that it is a safe place to be. There are many sources you can check to ensure that recent inspections have been made as well as a few things you can do yourself so that your home is secure from danger. Here are a few steps to follow to give you peace of mind in your living space.

Practice Fire Safety

Purchase a fire extinguisher and a package of 9V batteries before you move into your apartment. The complex might provide these for you, but having more than one on hand is helpful. Inspect the area for what measures are in place in the event there is a fire. Check the smoke detectors to make sure they are working. If the sound they emit is weak, change the batteries and record the date that you did it. Ask the managers of the building how often they are testing fire sprinklers san diego ca in the unit and when the next appointment is to do this. You will want to know the frequency that these systems are checked so that you are assured that they will work if anything happens.

Security Measures

As you are shopping for your apartment, ask the manager of the complex what they do to keep the residents safe. Inquire if they have a security service that patrols the grounds after hours to look for anything suspicious happening in the hallways or parking lots. A building that has a locked front door that can be opened only by the residents is a benefit as well. You should also consider a place that has a gate around the perimeter or a parking garage for the cars that belong to those that live there. Once you move in, make sure that your locks work properly and that you can see out of the peephole. If either of these are a concern to you, call maintenance immediately.

Get To Know the Area

Once you get settled into your apartment, walk around the complex to get familiar with where things that you might need one day. Introduce yourself to those who live in your building and get to know them. Forming relationships with your neighbors can be beneficial for both of you. You can take turns watching the other person’s property when they are out of town. You will also know that there will be someone watching for you in the event of an emergency. You can work together to get yourselves as well as the other occupants to safety if you must vacate the area.