Your garden is a great place to socialise, relax or soak up the sun, but many people’s gardens are underused. If you wish your garden was bigger, so you could make the most of it, then there are ways you can maximise the amount of space, or at least make it seem bigger. Here’s how you can make more space in your garden, so you’re more likely to use it whenever the sun shines.


Decluttering isn’t just something you do around the house. Gardens can soon become full of clutter, whether it’s old toys, garden furniture or broken items. Before you do any garden work, consider hiring a skip and start throwing things out. Many garden items can be recycled, so they don’t have to go to landfill, and others can be donated.

Get a shed

A garden shed can be useful when it comes to maximising space:

  • It gives you a place to store garden tools, keeping them safe and dry and out of the way
  • You have somewhere to keep garden furniture that’s not in use
  • It’s ideal for kids’ toys that are often left strewn across the garden

While a shed takes up some space, it saves you a lot more, so it’s worth building one.

Cut back trees and greenery

Trees and greenery add colour to your garden and look great. However, if they become overgrown, they take up precious garden space. It’s worth investing in tree lopping Fremantle to cut back on big branches and make things look neater. This will also ensure your trees are healthy, so your garden will look its best year-round.

Use paving and turf to create zones

If you have limited space, then you may be tempted to just pave or cover your garden in turf. However, your garden can feel bigger if you create ‘zones’, for example, a grassy area, a paved area for seating and a play area. Create a flow by using pathways and to bring the whole thing together.

Use vertical space

Instead of having wide, flat flowerbeds, find creative ways to use the vertical space in your garden. Use raised beds, or even add shelves to your fencing to hold plant pots. This will draw the eye upwards, so you don’t notice the lack of floor space so much.

Use mirrors

In small rooms, a mirror can make the space seem bigger, and the same goes for your garden. Hang a large mirror, somewhere where it’ll be out of direct sunlight, and you’ll have more of a sense of space. You could also hang smaller mirrors around your fence for a decorative look.

Add hard landscaping

Hard landscaping such as gravel or paving can look great in a smaller garden, especially spaces such as courtyards. Pick lighter colours and use small slabs, and the floor space will instantly feel lighter and larger.

Even if your garden is tiny, you can make the most of the space with a few clever design tricks and make even a small garden feel welcoming and homely.

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