Your backyard doesn’t have to be just an area for the kids to play or a space to host BBQ’s, it can serve multiple purposes if you take some time to implement a variety of designs. It should be an area your whole family can enjoy at certain times of the day, not just a play zone or entertainment space. If you aren’t happy with your backyard and you’d like to make some changes, consider these tips.

Exotic Retreat

An exotic hideaway complete with a Bali hut and outdoor fire pit is something you can easily implement in your backyard. Creating your very own garden oasis with tropic inspired plants, and fixtures and fittings is a great way to bring that island feeling back home. The kids will love the new design and the adults will be able to enjoy the setting over a midnight BBQ. You can add great water features to an exotic retreat that all your family will appreciate, a rock waterfall will enhance a swimming pool, while the flowing water helps to create a tranquil environment at night.

Outdoor Entertainment Centre

What is better than a family movie together out under the stars? Installing an entertainment system in your backyard makes it possible to enjoy the latest movies in your garden. When the kids are asleep, you can open a bottle of wine and cuddle up to a romantic movie. You can encase a water-proof TV in your backyard, so it doesn’t get damaged when it rains. Speakers fitted throughout your garden also help to create a surround-sound experience.

Outdoor Structures

Take some time to think about the space you have in your backyard – would it look more attractive with a new outdoor structure? You can transform the look of your garden by installing a bamboo fence, a gazebo or a garden building. Having a stylish outdoor structure improves the look of your space and increases the value of your property.

Extend the Living Space

Another great idea is to extend your living space by developing your decking area. To create a soothing outdoor space, you can renovate or replace your decking and bring this area to life. A well-designed deck can act as an extension of your kitchen or living room.

Stylish Lighting

If you are thinking about fitting a trendy new feature in your backyard, well placed lighting will help to enhance the look of the structure. Lighting should be an integral part of any new garden design; it goes a long way to creating that unique look. If you’d like to bring an Asian concept to your backyard, why not hang lanterns over the patio or in other areas?

There are so many easy ways to transform the look of your backyard and create something truly unique. Once you carefully plan the project, you’ll be able to come up with a concept that has something for everyone. Your backyard should serve multiple purposes, a kid’s zone during the day and a romantic getaway for two at night.