The mid-century modern architectural style has made a big comeback since its beginnings in the 1950s. After WWII ended, the traditional house design was shaken up with a newer, more contemporary modular house style to help meet the needs of the massive numbers of people relocating to the nation’s suburbs. The mid-century modern architecture style took the world by storm and helped create millions of new homes for families in the 1950s and 1960s. Today, people are rediscovering why this architectural style works for families in the 21st century.

Open Feeling

The first big reason why mid-century modern architecture works for a modern home is the open floor plan layout. Families today want to have an open living space that allows them to interact with their family members when they’re cooking, watching television, or eating. The open floor plan style for mid-century modern architecture makes this possible. Now, spaces can have more than one function and better traffic flow and furniture options.

Use of Light

Next, the mid-century modern style’s use of light appeals to the modern homeowner today. Natural light in a home has made a big comeback. The wide, open feel in the layout of this architectural style is perfect for people who enjoy big, bright rooms lit up by the sun’s natural light. Mid-century modern homes rely on the use of a lot of windows, glass, and other translucent features to bring light inside.

Angular Lines

Angular, sleek lines are also a big part of the look of mid-century modern architecture. Furniture styles, like Joybird, incorporate the angular lines with rectangular sofas, tables with sleek looks, and chairs in a variety of other geometric shapes. This simple aesthetic keeps a living space looking less cluttered, more cohesive, and much more harmonious to people today, who have lives filled with stress, electronics, and other distractions.


This design style is also known for being monochromatic or focusing on one shade or color throughout the home’s architecture. Some mid-century home designs rely on brickwork or glass, but many have a common tone throughout the structure that keeps the design looking clean and simple. In the interior part of a pure mid-century modern style, designers may opt to use décor in one shade to continue the minimalist vision. They can get inspiration for design ideas from the Joybird professionals.

Outdoor Space

This design choice is also appealing to those who want to do more with their outdoor spaces on their properties. The true mid-century modern style stresses making the indoor and outdoor spaces flow together and combines the two spaces in some ways. Today’s homeowners can achieve this by opting for sustainable home building materials and by looking for ways to use their space outside in an environmentally-friendly way.


Next, the use of water is another important characteristic of a mid-century modern home. One way to achieve this is to have a built-in pool that compliments the home’s design style, angular in shape. Some mid-century homes have water features, such as koi ponds, fountains, or other outdoor design details. Water gives the residents a sense of calm and relaxation.


The last feature of the mid-century modern architectural style that today’s generation loves is the use of different elevations. This design style may incorporate a split-level layout for a living space, eliminating the need for a traditional, dark, dank basement. Instead, homeowners get usable living space that can be used for bedrooms and main living areas.

Building your own home is a huge task, even if you’re just choosing the layout for your home’s architect. Be inspired by the look of mid-century modern architecture. See how this style’s melding of outdoor elements into a home’s interior could make your home feel like a dream.